Tree Planting

raghuIn keeping up with the demands and need of the day, we have, this year, decided to do things a bit different and take a step closer to fulfilling our responsibility towards our Mother Earth. We have decided to plant some trees and do our  bit for the environment.

“He Who Plants a Tree, Plants a Hope.”

raghu1Join us on the 26th of December at 8.00am at Tom Mboya Labour College as we invite dignitaries to plant some trees to commemorate the 34th LSCF.

The coordinator for this Tree Planting event is Miss Rachna Raichura.

“Like branches of a tree, our lives may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain the same.”


See you on the 26th December.

Sangita Raichura

Special Events Convenor, 34th LSCF Kisumu