Secretary General’s Message

Vinay Dawda

Jai Shree Krishan – Jay Jalaram

Dear Raghuvanshis,

It seems just like yesterday when we had the 33rd Festival in Kampala where I was elected as the Secretary General. Time passed so fast and two years are coming to an end with the 34th Festival just round the corner.

It was my honor and pleasure to be the Festival Chairman of the 34th Festival marking 40 years of existence of the Lohana Sports and Cultural Festival. It’s a further privilege that my first Festival as an SG is to be held in Kisumu which is not only my hometown but also the founding city of the Lohana Sports and Cultural Festival.

The first Festival was held in April 1974 and a total of 8 festivals have been held in Kisumu, the last one was in December 2003 in which the Mascot of Raghu was launched – so as per the theme, Ragu Returns after 13 years to celebrate the 34th Festival in Kisumu.

The revival of the Festival from the 32nd one held in Dar-E- Salaam has seen more participation as the format now includes a lot of additional special events organized for the Non-Sports participants. The participation in all the sports has also increased as there is increased awareness of the Festival through social sites and the website.

Our bi annual Festival provides an excellent platform and forum to come together in the spirit of sharing our experiences, expertise and resources – It unveils the talent in every person which would have otherwise not being realized. We need to encourage and motivate the young talent in our community to enable us to groom them into well rounded personalities for them to assume the roles of leadership and service in the community.

Kisumu is surely known for its warm hospitality, the Festival Organizing Committee along with the support of the entire Community has been working tirelessly in the preparations of the Festival to ensure that all the participants have a great and memorable time. I have witnessed the enthusiasm with which the young and vibrant team has been working to prepare and plan for the Festival. The total number of the organizing committee is comprised of almost a 100 members and with the numbers of Lohana families in Kisumu – it is almost one member from each family.

I welcome you to the 34th Festival in Kisumu and hope to see the numbers beat the record of the past festivals.


Yours Faithfully in Community Service

Vinay Dawda

Secretary General

Lohana Sports and Cultural Festival East Africa