Rules, Terms & Conditions



General Terms & Conditions for Registration

  • With Acceptance of this Registration, you confirm the information submitted on the Online Registration Form is Correct.
  • Failure to register on-line may cause inconvenience in accommodation arrangements as well as smooth operation of the entire registration process.
  • Please ensure that identification documents are carried during your stay in Kisumu at all times to avoid any problems. The identification documents can include photocopies of a valid passport, driver’s license which carries a photo or any other identifiable document.
  • In case of problems pertaining to identification, please contact the Transport and Security Convener or call emergency hotlines which are provided in the Souvenir Kits.


  • If any surgical emergencies happen, a consent form is to be signed which will be provided by the Hospital if above the age of 18. Individuals under the age of 18 will require consent from the respective parent or nominated guardian.
  • Please specify any medical conditions or allergies so as to be able to give the right medical attention in an emergency.
  • The Host Centre will bear only up to the agreed medical insurance coverage with the nominated Insurance Company. Any amounts above this coverage will have to be covered by the respective individuals or their Centers.


  • The Festival Rules and Regulations are to be followed. Please refer to the updated Rules and Regulations which are available on the 34th LSCF web site. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.
  • Players must be punctual to all registered games.
  • Any conflicts with registered game timings should be reported to the respective Team Managers at the earliest.
  • All players should note that registering for any sport does not necessarily confirm participation in the competitive event.
  • Each player is expected to contact the respective Center Team Managers for their seeding and final sport selection.
  • Players are expected to be in proper sports gear.
  • Discipline must be maintained at all sporting events.


  • The stated Hotel rates are special rates given specifically for the Lohana Sports and Cultural Festival.
  • Deadline for bookings and special rates is 28th November, 2016.
  • Beyond this deadline we do not guarantee availability of special rates or bookings. Further to the deadline, bookings will need to be made at the respective Hotel’s normal room rates subject to availability.
  • Bookings will be confirmed upon receipt of full payments and will be honored as first come-first serve basis.
  • The full amount each room bookings including taxes should be routed through each center respective Team Managers.
  • Please attempt to make bookings at the earliest for your preferred Hotel to avoid disappointment.
  • If the hotel of your first choice is not available you will be automatically booked into the hotel of your second choice. If both the choices are unavailable, the Accommodation Convenor will contact you.
  • The Rates specified on the website are per day charges and include Taxes and breakfast (where applicable depending on the Hotel Choice and as mentioned in the hotel details).
  • All other charges for services such as laundry, telephone, etc are to be paid by you.
  • After payment and confirmation of booking, refunds in the case of cancellations will be handled as per the respective Hotel’s policy.
  • A complete no show / information of cancellation likely result into no refund.
  • For more details regarding facilities and conditions of the various hotels, please visit their websites as shown on the 34th LSCF website.
  • Extra Beds: Most hotels do allow children under a certain age to share for free or at subsidized rates with adults. An additional costs of an Extra Bed is shown in the costs per each hotel as per the respective policy
  • Room Sharing: Sharing between cross center individuals is possible. Individuals wanting to share rooms should contact the individual willing to share and book the hotel under any one name, the other participant should choose the option of other on the accommodation choice and give details about the sharing.
  • Room Sharing: For ease of administration, the total payment of the room is to be routed through the Center Team Manager of the registering person.
  • Individuals who select Free Accommodation, a deposit of US$25 will have to be paid. These deposits will be collected by the respective Centers and submitted to the Host Center before arrival in Kisumu. Any damage at the Free accommodations will be assessed and paid out of the deposit. Anything above the deposit will be borne by the respective Centers and paid immediately.

Transport & Security

  • The Host Center will not take responsibility for loss of personal property of any value during your stay in Kisumu.
  • Any individual renting vehicles must strictly abide to the Terms and Conditions of the signed contract with the Rental Company.
  • The Host Center is not responsible or liable for any loss, damage or theft of the vehicle.
  • Cancellation of car rental reservations may incur a penalty charge as per the Rental Company policies. Refunds for cancellations will be handled as per the Car Rental Company’s Terms and Conditions.