22ND - 25TH DECEMBER 2018



  • Festival Chairman's Message

    Jai Siya Ram | Jai Shri Krishna | Jai Jalaram


    I shall humbly begin by thanking the Trustees, President and entire Management Committee of The Lohana Mahajan Dar-es-Salaam for giving us this golden opportunity and bestowing utter faith in the Festival Organizing Team, which shall strive hard to deliver this December what will be an astounding Festival in recent memory.


    “Dhanyavad” goes to all those people who have been involved in any manner at the festivals from its inception up to the 35th Lohana Sports & Cultural Festival as it has brought our members together, provided a platform for social interaction and networking, contributed to high levels of self-esteem and self-worth in our youths, created opportunities for and promoted volunteering, fostered community pride, all this while creating positive, happy and healthy Raghuvanshi’s across the region and beyond. The list of positives for such festivals is actually exhaustive and whilst we prepare for the upcoming Festival, it is a sincere hope that such Festivals are hosted infinitely.


    Participating Centers, it’s a proud moment to confidently inform you all that the Festival Organizing Committee comprises of very commendable and dedicated individuals who will collectively put up 4 great days of Sports, Entertainment, Fun, Food, Laughter, Fellowship and lifelong memories for all the Raghuvanshis under the leadership of the Secretary General and the guidance of the LSCF Executives. All this when topped with the well-known warm and great hospitality of the Host Mahajan and its members – You dare not miss the 35th LSCF this December.


    The 35th LSCF will commence with Registration & Opening Ceremony on 22nd December 2018, followed by Sports, Special Events, Entertainment and Cultural Nights on 23rd and 24th December 2018 respectively. The festival shall culminate on 25th December with the Finals and the Closing Ceremony in the evening.


    The IT Convener along with his team have developed this web portal to connect, be informed, updated and keep abreast with the Festival- all the way to its successful hosting. The online registration for all the sports and cultural participants, spectators and visitors from beyond the region will be facilitated via the portal including souvenir magazine article submissions.


    We invite you all whole-heartedly, Karibuni to the Haven of Peace!


    Pulin Manek

    Festival Chairman

  • Secretary General's Message

    Jai Jalaram, Jai Shree Krishna to all Raghuvanshis


    I take the utmost pride and pleasure to welcome you all to the 35th Lohana Sports and Cultural Festival to be held in Dar-es-Salaam.


    Dar-es-Salaam has been part of the history of the Festivals. The first Festival was held in April 1975 and was the 3rd festival and a total of 5 festivals have been held in Dar, the last one was in December 2012, which was a revival festival after 6 years of break.


    The Festival Organizing Committee along with the support of the entire Community has been working tirelessly in the preparations of the Festival to ensure that all the participants have a great and memorable time. I have witnessed the enthusiasm with which the young and vibrant team has been working to prepare and plan for this meeting. The total number of the organizing committee is 150 or more and with the numbers of Lohana families in Dar, I am sure it has roped in a member from almost each family in Dar.


    Such community events, enables us to come together in the spirit of sharing our experiences, expertise and resources – It unveils the talent in every person which would have otherwise not being realized. We need to encourage and motivate the young talent in our community who are going to be future leaders and take our community to greater heights.


    The levels of our sports have also greatly evolved in terms of the competition and also in terms of the sportsman community spirit. The new rules have taken into account all the changes discussed at the last AGM to ensure more participation in the games which more clarity on the rules of the games. The administration parts of the Festivals have also been updated to make it easier for the management of the Festival.


    As a Secretary General, my motto has been and is and will be to make our Festival a “WANT TO GO EVENT”. We have to give a wonderful experience in totality to our participants so that they look forward to the next festival and the ones who didn’t attend must feel left out.


    During this Festival let us all find success in learning and improving, not just winning.


    As they say in Tanzania, Karibuni Bongoland !


    Vinay Dawda

    Secratary General

  • PRESIDENT, Lohana Mahajan, Dar es Salaam'S Message

    Respected elders, Raghuvanshis of East Africa.


    Jai Siya Ram!


    On behalf of the Trustees, Executives, Distinct office bearers, Committee members and the entire Lohana Community of Shree Lohana Mahajan Dar es Salaam (DSM) and myself, I take this opportunity to welcome you all to the 35th Lohana Sports & Cultural Festival to be hosted by the DSM Center from 22nd December to 25th December 2018.


    Let me begin by expressing my warmest congratulations and appreciation to all the other Centers for being wonderful hosts to many of us in the past years. Such events are only possible with unfailing support of our valuable community members.


    The spirit of the upcoming festival has by and large consumed all the members of the community here in Dar. A lot of hard work and effort is being put in by The Secretary General and his office and the Festival Organizing Committee.

    All the respective teams are working endless hours to make the forthcoming event a memorable one; with the intent of offering a multitude of positive experiences to all our guests.


    Shree  Lohana Mahajan DSM has extended every support in our capacity to ensure that the four day “Celebration of Togetherness” is well coordinated.


    As you will agree that our new generation is facing a much faster changing world than we did decades ago. Therefore, as parents and as leaders, we should  equip  our children to be “Life-Long Committed Community Members” and with the ability to “Learn how to Serve”, so that they can keep abreast of changes and become active and valuable members of our community.


    I strongly believe that the Sports Festival is a platform for our youths to harmonize, connect and collaborate to build capacities and competencies across East Africa and beyond.


    My Dear Raghuvanshis,

    I wish to express my appreciation for the active contributions and I further assure you that  you will witness a vibrant combination of culture and exciting sports embedded through the unique events over the 4 days, all with distinctive hospitality!


    On behalf of DSM center, I once again extend to you a warmest welcome to the Haven of Peace... to the Land of Kilimanjaro and we all look forward to welcoming you all in large numbers! Karibuni sana!


    Thank you.


    Yours sincerely,

    Navin Kanabar

    Chairman, Shree Lohana Mahajan, Dar es Salaam




People Who Play & Pray Together - Stay Together, Unity Is Strength, these Slogans identify the Raghuvanshi's in the EA Region - so Let the Games Begin - 13 Sports, competitively held over a period of 4 days! You have to be in it, to Win It

A blend of our rich cultural heritage and modern art create an exciting fusion! Participants from various Centers show case this blend and talent and it is nothing but proud moments and bonding amongst participants in a display of color and dance.

Short time based events tailor made for the non-sporting participants of the Festival. Just come and pitch up at these events and be paired in random, participate with people from all centers-increase fellowship and get to know each other! Festivals are meant to be a fun event for all .



Dar es salaam will host the 35th Lohana Sports & Cultural festival from 22nd December to 25th December 2018. This is the 6th Time Dar es Salaam will host a Festival after 1975, 1985, 1990, 1998 & 2012. Dar es Salaam is the largest city and economic capital of Tanzania. Located in a quiet bay off the Indian Ocean coast, the city has developed into an economic importance to become a prosperous center of the entire East African region.