Festival Chairman’s Message

To my Fellow Raghuvanshi’s in East Africa and beyond,
Jay Shree Krishna and Jay Jalaram.

It is with a warm heart and open arms that I take this opportunity to welcome you all to the 34th Lohana Sports and Cultural Festival. I am truly blessed to take leadership in the organization of this event and be part of the largest and most awaited Festival in East Africa.

With the support from our well-wishers, guidance and blessings from Shree Lohana Mahajan, Kisumu, and community members at large, we have now successfully reached this far in the planning and execution of the Festival; and we are only striving positively for more success and satisfaction in serving our community members during the Festival.

Kisumu (our Gokulyu Gaam as they say), is a lovely city located on the Shores of Lake Victoria, known for its Sunsets, Hospitality and Hippos. Hence, inspired from these famous Hippos that reside here, we have given this iconic mammal the name of “Raghu”, derived from the strength, stigma and aggression of a Raghuvanshi.  And thus, our Mascot “Raghu” eagerly awaits the Festival Torch to come back to Kisumu after 13 long years, where it all began.

Last but not least, I thank each and every community member who has shown constant support and encouragement so far and we look forward to the same motivation as we progress towards and accomplish a grand festival from us, for us.

Looking forward to uniting with each and every one of you.

Yours in Community Service.

Anand Shashikant Gadhia
Festival Chairman – 34th Lohana Sports and Cultural Festival